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From 1.3 to 9 m diameter of measure, TOMELLERI ENGINEERING produces the largest selection of arms, with mass counterbalance for the small sizes and the reliable mechanical balance for the large ones. 

Our new arms are the top for reliability, accuracy, and flexibility in usage.


SPACE and SPACE Plus are two lines of portable articulated arms CMM, ideal for quick and accurate inspections of any part. They are the result of nearly 30 years of experience in the production of portable measurement arms, culminated in this renewed version with higher accuracy and repeatability, and also with a new design that captures the eye.

The SPACE line arms are lighter and this make easier to handle the arm during measuring. The counter-balance system with a double spring also gives the machine characteristics of precision light-weight and easy handling.

The SPACE Plus arms can be used also in combination with SCANSURF for point cloud inspection or reverse engineering in 7 axes configuration, and is also suitable also for pipe inspection with laser fork and a dedicated software.

EXPLORER results from the great experience in large volume metrology of TOMELLERI ENGINEERING, the unique portable arm available worldwide with a measuring range from 5 to 9 m diameter.

It’s the perfect equipment for touch probe inspection of large parts, whenever you need to “explore” big parts with great flexibility: in all these cases you need the best in terms of technology and mechanics!

The EXPLORER line is equipped with the electro-magnetic brake on the second axis, to allow the operator to lock the arm at required height and use it safely and comfortably. It’s also suitable, as the SPACE Plus line, with Laser Forks for pipe inspection, and with SCANSURF for point cloud inspection or reverse engineering.

Mercury 5.png

A brand new design with mass counterbalance, for a completely new handling experience. To inspect an object has never been so easy.

The MERCURY line is light and accessible, to enable the end user to quickly take confidence with the Arm and get the best result from the beginning.

It keeps the compatibility with all the probing inspection software available for the other TOMELLERI Arms, but aims to the highest level of accuracy.

The MICRON Arm has a unique 5 axes configuration that combined with a "zero G" mass counterbalance.

This extraordinary combination makes the MICRON arm the only portable instrument of its kind and allows to reduce at zero the weigth of the instrument on the user hands, making it the most accurate portable arm in the market.


A new patented mechanical counterbalance, for an unparalleled freedom during the measure. The MASTER line is makes even larger sizes, up to 3,5 m incredibly easy to handle, ensuring immediate confidence, optimal reliability and high level accuracy.

As SPACE and MERCURY, it keeps the compatibility with all the probing inspection software available for the other TOMELLERI Arms, including the new software SMARTOUCH.

As SPACE Plus and EXPLORER 7 axes, it allows to do scanning sessions with the SCANSURF scanner.

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